Botox per eritrofobia

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Botox per eritrofobia

Messaggioda MAURIZIOL » lun feb 05, 2007 10:37 pm



"I had it done a few years ago. For me it worked fantastically on blushing (but only blushing). I suffered no ill side effects. The positive effects lasted for around 6 months then wore off gradually. I had the treatment with Dr Patterson in the UK.

Regarding safety...

It seems that the procedure requires a particular technique. The methods used for the cosmetic procedure are not effective and very dangerous for blushing. Why? Because they take a dirty great needle and push it into muscles, paralysing them! The procedure I had involved a load of tiny pin pricks just into the skin. The drug just then diffused into the skin and never even came into contact with muscle (hence why my blushing so treated but no muscle paralysis).

I say this because Im certain some quack's offer this treatment using the cosmetic method and hence end up hurting people. If you go in for it, be sure that the doc is experienced in administering botox for this particular problem, ie, blushing and not just wrinkles.

In addition, there has been talk of botox via iontophoresis (transdermal application). However, I believe this remains theorectical as know one to my knowledge is using this technique on patients yet.


ovviamnete ci sarebbero tanti altri trattamenti basati su esperienze reali ma adesso sono stanco...
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Messaggioda abax » mar feb 06, 2007 1:34 am

Ok, grazie Mauriziol! Mi sono permesso di cambaire il titolo del tuo topic (che prima era "e"): spero non ti dia fastidio... :oops:
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Messaggioda Luca » mer feb 07, 2007 6:22 pm

non sarebbe il caso di fare una traduzione in italiano???
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